Providing scaffolding for all learners

Scaffolding is the focus for this week’s TeachMeet, on Friday 29th October. What I want to move away from is the idea that scaffolding means that staff do most of the work for the pupils; scaffolding should begin with providing a small amount of support, which can then be extended or reduced, depending on how the pupils are managing the tasks given to them. When scaffolding is effective, it should allow pupils to focus on the content they need to deal with, rather than worrying about how they need to deal with the content. Furthermore, scaffolding can be a way to stretch the more able. On Friday I will be discussing a number of different ways in which we can provide some structure for pupils of all abilities in order to make work accessible but not easy. Ideas include sub-questions, word banks, sentence starters, verbal rehearsal, and lots of other techniques. Please come along with ideas to share!


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