Providing feedback for mutual observations

Research has demonstrated that feedback when debriefing a lesson observation will be most effective when undertaken in an atmosphere of trust and security, and with a developmental intent (Hitchins and Pashley, 2000).

Here are a few ‘Top Tips’ when discussing what you see in your colleagues’ classrooms…

  • Begin by asking ‘what did you think of the learning in that lesson?’
  • And then refer to learning and progress throughout, and how the teacher promoted that
  • Always start with the positives/strengths in the teacher’s lesson
  • Try to think of one thing you as an observer will take from the class
  • If you want to give a target or an area of improvement, leave it to one or two
  • Rather, objective feedback provided would cite specific examples / data that is observed as having positive results and perhaps tied back to some type of instructional framework or performance rubric

Researchers recommend concentrating on only one skill or one goal at a time as a way to ensure that the feedback provided is very direct and focused.

Bring on Observing Learning Week!



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