Two new teaching ideas that worked this week…

Inspired by the Autumn Teaching and Learning conference that the Lead Practitioners attended at Leicester City College last week, I attempted to introduce some creativity into my lessons this week.

Using Haribo Starmix (or, as the 6th form later suggested, Rowntrees Randoms) I turned  a predictable grammar lesson on the future tense into a fun, unexpected and useful speaking and writing activity for 6IB pupils. Groups of two had a whiteboard and 10 different sweets. I gave them 10 minutes to create a story based on the objects, in which every sentence had to contain a verb in the future tense. They made notes, read the story back to the class and used the sweets to ‘act’ it out. Obviously they ate them afterwards…. The activity encouraged them to pool their vocabulary, debate on the correct form of verbs in the future and practice key productive skills in French. I stole the idea from a History teacher who has used similar games to revise topics in her subject. I plan to use a variation of this as a plenary with 2 set 1 on Monday.

Sarah Angove tried another great idea courtesy of Twitter this week which I am also going to try out. This would be great in any subject for consolidating work/making a boring worksheet fun and challenging. Give teams of 3 one pencil between them, a dice and a worksheet each. They have to complete their worksheet first, but can only have the pencil for a limited time. Each time someone rolls a 6, the pencil needs to be passed on. I saw this with 3rd form and they were engaged and excited about filling verbs in gaps!


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