The Power of Teaching Games

Teaching games can inject a lot of fun into our lessons; this helps pupils’ motivation levels, engagement and helps build positive rapport with our class. Games can also incorporate lots of transferable skills including team work, communication skills, problem solving and sometimes physical activity!
When I carried out research into the student voice at Oakham a couple of years ago, the activity that pupils most enjoyed in lessons (across all age groups) was a quiz; many said that they enjoyed the element of competition and that it was a fun and effective way to revise the content. This can be a really good way to start or end a lesson and is relatively easy to create.

A few ideas that I will be discussing during this Friday’s TeachMeet:

Play the Teacher – Split the class into two groups. Ask each group to come up with five questions they want to use to test the other half of the class; they need to also have worked out the answers to the questions. Pupils take in turns to stand at the front of the class and answer questions from the other team.
Post-It Race – involves pupils running across the room with different facts on Post-It notes. The team with the most correct facts by the end of the time period, wins.
Pictionary – This involves students drawing a word or phrase (without using letters or numbers) while their partner or peers try to guess what the image represents.
Human bingo – Sixteen boxes drawn on A4 paper and in each box there is a question connected to a topic. Students need to move around the room and find someone who can answer each of the questions on their sheet; they must find a different person to answer each question.

Hopefully see you on Friday at lunchtime to discuss more ideas for teaching games!


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