Observing Learning Fortnight

Teaching staff at Oakham School are always keen to learn from each other and to share best practice. Over recent years ‘Observing Learning Week’ (now a fortnight) has become a regular feature of the Teaching and Learning calendar and this year is no different.

Although we have had to re-think how to observe each others’ lessons safely in the current situation staff have nevertheless been keen to watch each other teach. With so many new challenges to classroom teaching and the delivery of content post-lockdown there is a lot to discuss, and Oakham teachers have found creative and effective ways of keeping pupils motivated whilst managing ‘blended learning’. With some pupils in isolation and others joining lessons remotely from abroad we have had to be flexible and innovative in our approach to Teaching and Learning. Whether sitting in on lessons where social distancing allows, joining a class through Teams or watching a recorded self-managed learning video staff have shared and reflected on their experiences:

“It’s so important to take a step back and see which strategies a colleague is using to address the same issues you have yourself”

“I always learn something from being observed and the feedback I get is the best way to develop my practice”

“Peer-observation is an excellent way to learn from each other and share best practice. It benefits teachers but ultimately the pupils gain too”

“So much has had to change this year that we have not had a chance to catch our breath and talk to our colleagues. Observing Learning Fortnight has given us the opportunity to have some valuable conversations”

Teaching and Learning clinics have been held weekly and have been well-attended too by staff tuning in for some tips on teaching 90 minute lessons, self-managed learning and observation to name a few.

JAS 12.11.20