Oakham’s T&L team

Dr Julie Summers – Lead Practitioner

I have been gathering experience in teacher training and mentoring for a number of years and I recently formalised this interest by gaining a PGCert in Mentoring and Coaching from Nottingham University. I am passionate about innovation in the classroom and the link between theory and practice in the field of Education. Classroom teachers also make excellent researchers and as well as testing and evaluating new ideas in my own practise, I mentor MA practitioner-researchers. Over the past year I have pursued a particular interest in theories around Growth Mindset and in teaching critical thinking.

Mr Joe Sanders – Lead Practitioner

Over the course of my seven years of teaching in London, Stamford and Rutland, I have always been driven to evolve my own practice. I have discovered that effective teaching and learning boils down to a cycle of reflecting, refining and trying again. I have led lesson study research and INSETs into the pedagogical strands of Assessment for Learning and active learning and, in particular, their practical implications, such as the SOLO Taxonomy and Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time. I’m always on the lookout for collaborating on new techniques with fellow teachers. This year I am aiming to engender greater engagement in lessons through the use of role play games, and to get more students independently reading (for pleasure), researching and reflecting on their own working habits.

Ms Susanna Boyd – Lead Practitioner

I recently completed an MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching (History) at the University of Cambridge with a specialist interest in how to integrate women’s history more effectively within the curriculum, and am writing an article to be published in Teaching History magazine. I am particularly interested in classroom research and the power it has to enable us to transform our practice. A varied pre-teaching career has developed my interest in role-play and storytelling within the classroom and my experience of teaching in both rural and inner-city state schools means I am keen to work alongside colleagues to develop behaviour management strategies or foster wider links outside of Oakham.

Mr Jon Andrews – Director of Teaching & Learning

Inspired by my first HoD and mentor, I quickly developed a deep interest in how students learn. Initially this was firmly rooted in how pupils worked in my own subject. Excitingly, my career and post-graduate studies have allowed me the opportunity to broaden my understanding of the learning process and the cross-curricular issues of the ‘classroom craft’. My major interests are in self-regulated learning and teacher collaboration. I see the development of self-regulated learners as the primary aim of my own practice, in that it provides long lasting, self-sustaining cognitive progression as well as enhanced levels of attainment. This year, my aim is to teach the A Level microeconomics course using the Harkness methodology to engender a discursive approach to learning, at the same time building student responsibility for knowledge acquisition.