Oakham’s T&L team

Dr Julie Summers – Senior Lead Practitioner

I have been involved in teacher training and mentoring for over 10 years and I formalised this interest in 2015 with a distinction in Mentoring and Coaching (PGCert) from Nottingham University. I am passionate about innovation in the classroom and the ways in which theory informs practice in the field of Education.

Teachers also make excellent researchers and as well as testing and evaluating new ideas in my own classroom, I supervise practitioner researchers studying for an MA in Education at Buckingham University. Over the past year I have pursued a particular interest in theories around Growth Mindset and in teaching critical thinking. I am also heavily involved in supporting the implementation of the MYP curriculum at Oakham School and am particularly interested in ensuring consistent and effective teaching of the Approaches to Learning.

Mr Joe Sanders – Lead Practitioner

Over the course of my nine years of teaching in London, Stamford and Rutland, I have always been driven to evolve my own practice. I have discovered that effective teaching and learning boils down to a cycle of reflecting, refining and trying again. I have led lesson study research, INSETs, and write articles, on a variety of pedagogical strands, including Assessment for Learning and active learning and, in particular, their practical implications, such as the SOLO Taxonomy and Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time. I’m always on the lookout for collaborating on new techniques with fellow teachers. Last year I co-led a FOSIL project to translate the framework beyond inquiry-based learning, for the purpose of generating a greater degree of self-regulated learning in assessments and essays. This year I am looking forward to working on behaviour management, reading for pleasure and approaches to learning.

Ms Susanna Boyd – Lead Practitioner

Having recently published an article in Teaching History magazine (June, 2019) on how to integrate women’s history more effectively within the History classroom, I have a developed interest in creating a more inclusive and diverse curriculum across subject areas. My work implementing the MYP in the History department at Oakham and my wider research interests (including lesson studies completed during my MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching at Cambridge University) have given me an appreciation for the power that curricula can have in influencing students’ perceptions and personal development. My own experience as a classroom researcher shows that teachers have the power to add to wider academic knowledge as well as being able to transform our own practice, and I am keen to work alongside colleagues to develop their own research and curriculum development. A varied career before coming to Oakham led me to work at an independent theatre company and in community and education projects at a London-based museum which has led to a keen interest in role-play and the power of stories to bring subject content and concepts to life in and outside the classroom. I am keen to develop greater links between Oakham and the wider community and am looking forward to new possibilities in extending the Festival of Learning in 2020.